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Quickest Road to Profits

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is easily the quickest way to a profitable website. But it’s also the fastest way to lose your shirt if your PPC account is not set up properly with optimized account structure and bidding strategy. That’s why it is crucial to have an experienced hand managing your PPC accounts on a daily basis.

How PPC Works

Here’s how PPC advertising works:

  • We tell Google (or other search engine) which keyword searches for which we want your listing for your website to show up. (i.e., When someone searches for the keyword phrase “toy store”, your listing for your toy website shows up.)
  • We write the ad copy that shows up when someone enters keywords that trigger your ad. It is crucial that this ad copy be well written.
  • We tell Google what we are willing to spend each time someone clicks on your ad.
  • When someone clicks on your ad, your account is debited. The person who clicks on your ad is sent to your website.
  • After visiting your website, the potential customer can call, e-mail, or place an order.
  • When someone calls or e-mails you for your service, or when they place an order on your website, we track that sale or lead.

Extremely Measurable ROI

Unlike other forms of online advertising, PPC is extremely measurable – so it’s very simple to determine your Return on Investment (ROI).

Trackable Results

Not only do we have an overview of how much profit your website makes via PPC, but for ecommerce websites we can track results down the exact keyword that resulted in the sale. Let’s break our example down a little further:

Optimized Results

In our example above, we can see what adjustments now need to be made in our advertising campaign. For example, we were losing money on the keyword “discount toy store” – perhaps because those buyers spend less on each purchase. So we would want to lower our cost per click to turn that keyword profitable.

We also can see that we have a very high conversion rate and profit margin on the keyword “tickle me Elmo.” We would want to see if we can get more traffic to that keyword or try to find similar keywords.

This optimization is crucial to a successful PPC campaign. It’s not uncommon for us to see PPC accounts where over time we are able to double or even triple profit margins through optimization.

Scalable for Fast Increase in Profits

One of our other favorite features of PPC is that it is extremely scalable. We typically recommend starting with a smaller budget. Then, once we figure out which elements are the most profitable, we can scale up the ad spend and quickly increase the profits.

Again, if we look at the example above, we see that the “tickle me Elmo” keyword is extremely profitable (an Earnings Per Click of $8.00). We would want to scale that traffic up dramatically with higher bids and more keywords related to the Tickle Me Elmo product. In just a few days or weeks, we could easily double, triple, or quadruple sales and profits on this product.

That’s the power of fast scalability with PPC.

Setup Discount

Typically, our setup fee for PPC accounts is anywhere from $1,000-$2,500, depending on the size of the account. However, for a limited time we are offering Account Setup for $499 for most accounts.

Is PPC Right For You?

PPC works for almost any business. However, we have strict criteria that must be met before we can accept a client. We want to make sure you will be successful, so we can’t accept every client that approaches us.

Call us at (888) XPRT-SEO or e-mail us. In just a few minutes we can review your site and objectives and determine if PPC is right for you.

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