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Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) in Facebook is quite different than the traditional way in Google, Yahoo, or Bing, and for many advertisers that translates into a gold mine.

An Untapped Gold Mine

In advertising terms, Facebook is extremely young. That means that most advertisers haven’t tried it yet. And many of those who have tried Facebook PPC haven’t figured out how to make it profitable.

But we have made it profitable – in many cases, extremely profitable.

We have spent hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars per day on Facebook PPC. That ad spend has given us a tremendous amount of data. We know what works; we know what doesn’t work. Very few PPC marketers have this expertise.

Plus, in Google, your business is likely to have 5, 10, sometimes 20+ competitors all bidding on the same keywords.

In Facebook, your business will probably have 0-2 competitors – and most likely it’s none!

As an added bonus, as of March 2010, Facebook has more daily traffic than Google.

Why battle with 15-20 competitors when you can have the customers all to yourself?

That’s why we tend to view Facebook PPC as a still-untapped gold mine for most businesses.

How Facebook PPC Works

Here’s how PPC advertising in Facebook works:

  • We tell Facebook which demographic we want to see your ad. The more targeted we can get, usually the better the results. (More on demographic targeting below.)
  • We write the ad copy that shows up when someone enters keywords that trigger your ad. It is crucial that this ad copy be well written.
  • We choose an image that shows up with your ad copy. The image is probably the most important element in your ad. We know which types of images work, and which ones don’t.
  • We tell Facebook what we are willing to spend each time someone clicks on your ad.
  • When someone clicks on your ad, your account is debited. The person who clicks on your ad is sent to your Facebook fan page.
  • After visiting your fan page, the potential customer can choose to “Like” your business as a fan. They also have the option to read more about your services, call, e-mail, or visit your traditional website.
  • Once someone chooses to follow your business as a Fan, we have the ability to communicate with them on a regular basis through Facebook messages. This breeds loyalty, and you receive a customer for life.

How is Facebook PPC Different From Google PPC?

There are three main differences between Facebook PPC and traditional Google PPC:

Customer Targeting: The biggest difference is how you target your customers. With Google, you target specific keyword searches that trigger your ad. In Facebook, you target a demographic that triggers your ad to show up.

For example, if you sell laptop cases for women, in Google you might want to target keywords like “laptop bag for women” or “women’s laptop tote.” In Facebook, you would specifically target your best demographic — perhaps U.S. women, ages 25-49, no kids, college graduate.

Ad Images: Facebook allows you to include an image with your ad. Many advertisers overlook what a key advantage this is and don’t spend much thought on their ad image. We have done tons of research to determine which images will grab your customers and convince them to click on your ad, and which types of images will make your customers run the other way.

Customer Follow-Up: With Google PPC, if someone clicks on your ad, comes to your website, and chooses not to buy, then you never have any way to reach that potential customer again to convince them to purchase from you.

Facebook has changed that. With Facebook, our goal is not usually to make the immediate sell. Our goal is to get the potential customer to click a button that says they “Like” your Facebook site. Once they do that, we are able to send them regular messages (usually 1-2 times per week) that look like traditional Facebook posts to keep in contact with them.

The goal of these posts is to build a relationship with that potential customer. Customers found through Facebook are the most loyal ones you will ever find and are extremely likely to recommend your business to their friends.

This unique ability to communicate with customers can eventually lead to exponential growth.

Unbelievably Powerful Demographic Targeting

As mentioned, the most powerful element of Facebook PPC is its ability to make sure your ads show up only to an exact match for your best customer through specific demographic targeting.

For example, we can say we want to target all women in the U.S. ages 35-39 who have graduated college. Or perhaps we want everyone within a 25-mile radius of your business. Or for an extremely targeted demographic, we could have our ad appear only to people ages 22-25 who live in the MidWest without a college degree and work at Walmart.

This gives us a level of control that almost no other advertising platform can offer.

Discounted Setup

Typically, our setup fee for Facebook PPC accounts costs $999. However, for a limited time we are offering Account Setup for only $499.

Is Facebook PPC Right For You?

Facebook PPC works for many (but not all) businesses. Call us at (888) XPRT-SEO or e-mail us. Explain your business and objectives to us, and we can quickly determine if Facebook PPC is right for you.

Important Final Note!

This untapped gold mine will not last long. As more and more advertisers discover the incredible value of Facebook PPC, the marketplace will become more and more crowded. The time to profit is NOW!

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